Saturday, 10 September 2016

Chez Francois

A hunger after church meant brunch was due! While visiting my mom in Westboro, we decided to wander the village in search of a late brunch. Mom had been to this restaurant before and enjoyed it, so we decided to check it out.

It's a very cute place which combines a french kitchen boutique with a traditional french restaurant. There is a lot to look at, but part of me worried that the children would end up breaking something while were were there. It may not be the best option for children who cannot sit still. Toast Girl also experienced a sensory overload that affected her most of the day, so though I love the atmosphere, I would not recommend it to families with children who have sensory processing difficulties. 

When the food arrived, it wasn't exactly what was ordered but was good regardless. The waitress was very friendly and loved to chat. We felt very welcome and the food looked and tasted great. 

The atmosphere is beautiful and if you are looking for something outside of the norm, this place makes you feel like you are on vacation in Paris. 

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Via Cibo - Italian Streetfood

This morning we visited a new place that opened in Kanata Centrum - Via Cibo Italian Streetfood.
I have driven passed it several times, but this passed week I noticed that they offer weekend brunch. Upon entering the restaurant, the brunch menu stands on an easel and you pay as you order at the cash.
 The open kitchen behind the cash is filled with staff working on making lattes, preparing plates, or sliding pizzas into the fire burning oven.
The children were enthralled by the displayed gelato and jars of Italian biscotti and other baked goods while I ordered. We were given a number to place on the table and went to choose our own seat. The eating area is open, well lit and nicely decorated.
There were many children, couples, and people of all ages. In about 10 minutes, we were brought our plates.

Cappuccino, which I had to taste right away. It was delicious!

Blueberry Lemon Risotto Pancakes

Arugula and Proscutto Eggs Benedict with homefries with grilled onions and peppers.

Nutella-Banana French Toast.

All were delicious! I was very impressed and the kids gobbled up their meals until they were full. There is one children's option on the meal, but we ordered 3 adults meals. The portions of pancakes and french toast are large enough to share amongst two kids. We had a pancake, and half the french toast left over to bring home. 

The price was much higher than I expected. All together we paid just over $60 with tax and tip. This included 3 meals, a cappuccino and 2 orange juices. In the future, I would stick with one adult meal to share amongst the kids and bring their own water bottles. 

The restaurant is family friendly, and the food is prepared quickly. There are a couple of tv's in the restaurant that were playing sports. The atmosphere was very casual and similar to a take-out restaurant, with better food options.

The staff was friendly and welcoming. We would be happy to return or recommend it to anyone. 

Via Cibo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Viva International Buffet

This weekend, the Toast Kids and I made a visit to Viva International Buffet, a new restaurant that opened in Kanata Centrum.


On weekends they offer an all you can eat brunch buffet. It's a little pricy but when we arrived I was informed that children 4 and under eat free. Sweet! Unlimited Juice and coffee are included in the price as well. 

As any parent with small children knows, the hardest part of eating out is the long wait for the food to arrive, especially when the children are hungry. The buffet was an amazing choice because we could eat right away. The decor is fresh and inviting, they have tvs on the wall in case of toddler emergencies, and the atmosphere is casual. 


The kids were thrilled to fill their places with all of the things they liked. Sausages, waffles, fruits, macaroni and cheese and rice were among Toast Boy's picks.

I chose eggs benedict, fruit, potatoes and veggies. Everything was incredibly fresh, hot and totally delicious!

They have a carving station set up where the chef will carve you a piece of meat. It looked delicious!

There were many options for breakfast and lunch. My vegetarian daughter was satisfied by all of the vegetarian options, and my palate was happy with all of the different flavours!

The omelette station is run by a chef who makes custom omelettes before your eyes!

Everything was beautifully presented, fresh and delicious

And last but not least, the desserts! My kids were so motivated to clear their plates by the dessert spread they had out. This included crepes, cookies, a soft serve ice cream machine with toppings, and so much more!

Overall I was thrilled to find this restaurant. The kids were happy to have food without the wait, and they loved the assortment. The atmosphere was classy but casual and caters to the different demographics whether you are a family or a single parent with children, or if you are looking for a nice breakfast for adults. The patio is lovely and the interior is beautiful. The staff were incredibly friendly and so welcoming. The kids keep asking to go back!

VIVA International Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, 29 January 2015

1951 West Kitchen and Bar

Toast Man was allocated the task of choosing a restaurant this week to try out. He had visited 1951 for another meal, and after hearing that they serve breakfast, he was eager to try it out.

We pulled up nice and early, and were greeted by a lovely woman with a nice smile. She sat us in a booth and brought the menus and drinks. The place was re-decorated to a much classier atmosphere, but still tough enough to withstand family visits. The restaurant is big and laid out enough that toddlers will not be disturbing to others, but nice enough to feel like you're treating yourself to a classy breakfast.

The breakfast menu was on the small side, but compiled of plates created with purpose. There was something delicious to please every palate, and we were eager to dig in.

The food came in about 10-15 minutes, about average timing. The kids' food came first- A nice fluffy Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream and berries. We weren't able to snap a picture before they dug into it, but here is a slightly mangled view of the food while we hold them back for 2 unbearable seconds.

I ordered the 1951 Benedict. An adapted benny, served over french bread and topped with Swiss cheese, roasted peppers, spinach and a poached egg. It was delicious! 

Toast Man ordered the original Benedict. He was thrilled with it as well!

After the meal, the waitress brought over a nice plate of fruit for the kids to munch on while we finished our coffee. 

The staff was great, the food was fantastic, and the decor was classy. The bill was on the higher side, but its a great place to go for a nice family breakfast. I highly recommend it. 

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Breakfast- For better or for worse

As I wrote on the very first blog entry, Toast Man and I decided to begin our breakfast excursions as a consistent tradition. A time to stop and be together as a family, no matter what happens.

Each week we vowed to put down our cell phones and just talk, play, and eat. Each week we were excited about our Saturday morning tradition.

But one week things changed. Our relationship came to an end, due to personal reasons. And we took several weeks away from the table.

But, eventually the dust settled, we resumed once more. Things aren't perfect. We still bicker, and the feelings are often tense, but once more we are pulling it together for that one day a week where our family is reunited, to talk, to laugh, and be together...over toast.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Toast Bags for Sale!

When people hear about this blog, many of them ask how we manage to bring our kids (2 and 3 year olds) to restaurants every week, and actually enjoy ourselves. The answer is: preparation! We usually bring little busy bags with us that are made up of open-ended activities. These games can be played with individually or together, and we use them to spend quality time with our kids, but also to distract them while we have a conversation. Now you can too!

We'll be selling these busy bags soon in person or etsy for $5 (plus shipping if applicable) and they will include 3 activities to keep your littles happy and busy. If you would like to be part of our test group, leave us a comment with your email, and we will be in touch soon!